Facebook VP: AI has a compute dependency problem

Facebook VP: AI has a compute dependency problem

At Transform 2019, Facebook VP Jérôme Pesenti said more software optimization will be required for artificial intelligence to keep growing.

On Friday July 12, 2019, Khari Johnson at VentureBeat wrote:
“The peak complacee for companies like Facebook and Google can afford for an experiment, we are reaching that already.”

Analysis introduced last month found that the costs of training systems like OpenAI’s GPT-2 can exceed carbon emissions of the lifetime of five cars.

Many Facebook services are powered by Intel CPUs, Facebook engineering manager Kim Hazelwood said last year.

“My goal is to make every single engineer in the organization an ML engineer, and that number has increased 3x in the last year, so you’re talking about thousands and thousands of engineers that are not on my team and are actually not actually ML engineers,” he said.

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