30 07, 2019

Researchers: Anonymized data does little to protect user privacy

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Providing third-parties with data is a necessary cost of living in the 21st century. Whether it’s securing auto insurance, undergoing a routine examination at the dentist, or chatting up friends and relatives on Facebook, each of us will hand over about 1.7MB of data per second next year, according to one recent report. While our anxiety …

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16 07, 2019

Meredith Whittaker, AI researcher and an organizer of last year’s Google walkout, is leaving the company

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Meredith Whittaker, AI researcher and an organizer of last year’s Google walkout, is leaving the company

Meredith Whittaker, founder of Google’s Open Research Group and one of the leaders of last year’s employee walkouts, is leaving the company. Google confirmed her departure, which was first disclosed on Twitter by a Google engineer and reported by Bloomberg, but had no additional comment. TechCrunch…

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2 07, 2019

Stanford’s Eye-Tracking Glasses Automatically Focus On Whatever You’re Looking At

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If you don’t already deal with a condition called presbyopia, you probably will by your mid-40s. It’s when the lenses in your eyes lose elasticity making it hard to focus on objects up close, like the words in a book. The solution is to occasionally wear reading glasses or glasses with progressive lenses that can limit your focal range. But researchers at Stanford University have come up with another solution; glasses that detect and automatically focus on whatever someone’s eyes are looking at.

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11 06, 2019

Most US mobile banking apps have security and privacy flaws, researchers say

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You might figure the biggest U.S. banks would have some of the most secure mobile apps. Spoiler alert: not so much. New findings from security firm Zimperium, shared exclusively with TechCrunch, say most of the top banking apps have security flaws that put user data at risk. The security firm, whic…

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