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Housing Discrimination

March 2019

HUD hits Facebook with housing discrimination charges over ad targeting

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Another shot of the breathtaking scenery of Taktsang Monastery (1692) and Bhutan mountainous landscape. It was still early morning when a few friends and I got there. The clouds/mist are still low and sometimes block the view of the temple. Read more about it here:

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development this morning hit Facebook with charges of housing discrimination. The filing states that the online giant has violated the Fair Housing Act through its ad-targeting tools, which allow sellers to limit listings based on categories like race, sex a…

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Housing and Urban Development Department Charges Facebook With Violating Fair Housing Laws

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The Department of Housing and Urban Development said it was charging Facebook with violating fair housing laws by enabling real-estate companies to improperly limit who can view advertisements on its platform.

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