UK seeks to curb Big Tech dominance with launch of new regulator

It was formed by the Competition and Markets Authority, which took action after concluding last year that the dominance of Silicon Valley behemoths such as Google and Facebook was stifling innovation and hurting consumers.

The unit officially launched on Wednesday, with Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden marking the occasion by describing the DMUs mandate as a major milestone in the path to creating the world's most competitive online markets, with consumers, entrepreneurs and content publishers at their heart.

The DMUs first assignment will be to examine the relationships between platforms and content providers, as well as interactions between platforms and digital advertisers.

Dowden explained that drafting the new code would help lower the prices of digital services and give consumers more choice and control over their data.

He also said the regulator would play an important role in supporting the UKs news industry, which is vital to freedom of expression and our democratic values.

France, for example, has required that tech companies enter into negotiations with publishers regarding financial compensation, without forcing the issue.

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