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The US government says Facebook’s ad business creates housing discrimination

The US government says Facebook’s ad business creates housing discrimination

On Thursday March 28, 2019, Recode wrote:
The Department of Housing and Urban Development has issues with Facebook’s targeted ad business.

But the Department of Housing and Urban Development, commonly referred to as HUD, said Thursday that Facebooks targeting actually creates some serious problems.

Specifically: HUD claims Facebooks ad platform is causing housing discrimination, and can exclude people from seeing certain ads based on traits that are defined by HUD as protected characteristics, like race, national origin, and religion.

Facebook is discriminating against people based upon who they are and where they live, HUD Secretary Ben Carson said in a press release posted to the HUD website.

The claims against Facebook by government agencies are piling up, and its only a matter of time before a shoe drops its just unclear what shoe it will be, and how much it will damage.

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