Network Rail to use AI technology to battle leaves on the line

Network Rail to use AI technology to battle leaves on the line

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On Friday June 14, 2019, DailyMail at Mail Online wrote:
Fallen leaves on the track have been an issue for many taking their daily commute in the UK and now technology will be used to predict where trees risk disrupting your journey.

Fallen leaves on the track have been an issue for many taking their daily commute for years and now experts are set to banish the issue by using technology to predict where trees and shrubs risk disrupting your journey.

A trial is being funding by the Department of Transport who are ploughing cash into the scheme in order to reduce the number of delays caused.

The technology has been developed by Hack Partners in London and will use cameras in the train cab which will be able to give a driver's eye view of any vegetation on the track.

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