It's hard to be a spy when technology is watching your every move

It's hard to be a spy when technology is watching your every move

On Wednesday May 1, 2019, Axios wrote:
"You'd be picked up immediately."

What's happening: Suddenly, the world's least-open nations can marshal a lifetime of personal and location data on friend and foe from security cameras, social media, and clever phones.This seriously complicates the mission of undercover spy men and women whose talent since Cleopatra and before has been gaining cozy proximity with movers and shakers and persuading locals to betray their country.

"If you go through any classic of spy fiction le Carr, Fleming almost anything they do would be impossible today because of technology," said Edward Lucas, a Russia specialist and author of "Spycraft Rebooted: How Technology is Changing Espionage." "CCTV cameras make anything that Bond and Smiley did difficult.

Lucas suggests that former spies can pile into the private intelligence firms that have proliferated in New York and the Mayfair district in London.

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