Facing Antitrust Pressure, Google Starts Spinning Its Own Too Big to Fail Argument

Facing Antitrust Pressure, Google Starts Spinning Its Own Too Big to Fail Argument

On Friday June 14, 2019, Patrick Howell Oneill at Gizmodo wrote:
While billboards go up in Silicon Valley calling for the break up of big tech, executives at Google and Facebook continue to argue that the massive scale of their companies is a key asset in the emerging tech cold war between the United States and China.

In the face of an intensifying push for antitrust action, the argument has been called techs version of too sizable to fail.

Pichai, who did permit that scrutiny and competition were ultimately good things, made points that echoed arguments made by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who made his point a lot more frankly.

This has been one of Silicon Valleys safest fallback arguments since antitrust sentiment began gaining steam in the United States.

American lawmakers are planning more hearings, depositions, interviews, and subpoenas over the next 18 months, according to the New York Times.

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