Facebook revives its mobile data gathering program with a new app

Facebook revives its mobile data gathering program with a new app

June 12th, 2019|Tags: , |

On Wednesday June 12, 2019, Thenextweb at Hard Fork | The Next Web wrote:
Facebook today announced a new app called Study, that'll collect your data in exchange for monetary benefits.

Remember when it was revealed in January that Facebook used to pay teens and gather mobile app usage data from them through an app?

The social network said it will use this data to helps us learn which apps people value and how theyre used and understand the community to improve its fleet of apps.Last year, a slew of documents released by the UK parliament revealed that Facebook used its now-defunct VPN app, Onavo, to track competitors through data it collected from users.

Youll need to register for the program, after which Facebook will send you a link to its app on Google Play if youre selected to participate.

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