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Big Tech Lawyer Earns His Paycheck Arguing Google Doesn't Dominate Search

Big Tech Lawyer Earns His Paycheck Arguing Google Doesn't Dominate Search

June 12th, 2019|Tags: , , , |

On Wednesday June 12, 2019, Patrick Howell Oneill at Gizmodo wrote:
Today is a big day in Silicon Valley because of a hearing happening in Washington, D.C.

Congress opened its long-awaited antitrust investigation of American tech giants on Tuesday with the first of several hearings.

Most of the time was taken up by people from the news media describing the decaying state of the industry, particularly the harms to local news outlets.There was only one representative of tech there and, at the risk of the understatement of the century, he was intent on playing hardcore defense.

As the head of the antitrust division at the DOJ, you should not be supervising investigations into former clients who paid you tens of thousands of dollars to lobby the federal government.

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