Automate creating on-brand marketing creatives for social media with this tool

If youre a driven entrepreneur, youre likely many things, from a grinding workhorse to a strong salesperson to a gifted marketer.

With everything on your plate and all the skills you need to excel, design expert or artistic visionary isnt always going to find a home on that list.

However, in our brand-centric world of digital marketing, your ads and social media posts have to look every bit as professional as anything from Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, or any of the other global big boys. And maintaining a consistent look and tone to all that content across multiple online platforms is hugely important in crafting a concise, effective marketing effort.

RelayThat is a graphic design software app that automatically takes over a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to creating an ad, a social media post, a web graphic, or any piece of design art.

Everything is managed through the easy RelayThat portal, making it simple and efficient to collaborate with other designers, employees, or virtual assistants.

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