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Are Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace Gaining on Slack? - Market Realist

Are Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace Gaining on Slack? - Market Realist

July 12th, 2019|Tags: , , , , , , |

On Friday July 12, 2019, MarketRealist at marketrealist wrote:
On Thursday, a Microsoft executive said that Microsoft Teams, its answer to Slack, had crossed 13 million daily active users in June.

However, it shelved the deal to focus on Skype.The jump could put Teams ahead of Slack in terms of its number of active users. The only way Slack would still be ahead of Microsoft Teams is if it had achieved almost double that number in half the time.

There are already some questions about whether Slack could grow quickly enough to justify its fat price tag. Microsoft is upping the ante in the segment Slack, and Facebook Workplace .

Microsoft Teams has the advantage of being part of the Microsoft family and its Office 365 suite. However Microsoft is a clear favorite among large corporations, which often also use other Microsoft Enterprise products. Microsoft Teams is set to get another boost with a partner-initiated trial, whereby Microsoft partners can offer free six-month Microsoft Teams trials to their Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 Business customers. The large customer bases for other Microsoft products make it easier for the company to market Teams. Microsoft’s offering Teams for free could also boost the business for its other products.

Startups that work on Macs and are happy with Google Suite generally prefer Slack. Slack even has a partnership with Google to offer the deep integration of Google products into its platform. With Microsoft marketing Teams aggressively and at better pricing, it’ll be interesting to see how long Slack can hold its ground. The free version of Microsoft Teams offers much more than Slack’s free version, and the paid version is cheaper than Slack’s paid version.

Facebook completes the trio of companies battling for messaging and collaboration supremacy. While Slack only offers a collaboration tool for teams Facebook has some advantage in offering an integrated solution combining work and life. To some, though, this might actually be a disadvantage, as Facebook is generally seen as a distraction at work.

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