We’ve covered a lot of ground in this overview of how to develop a basic marketing strategy. We hope this has dramatically simplified your understanding of marketing, and speed up its implementation in your business.

Remember — once you have a clear strategy, it’s all about implementation. Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing!

Successful entrepreneurs have a bias for action, implement quick and course correct along the way. If you’ve been putting off building and implementing a marketing strategy for your business, then it’s time to get started immediately so that you can reap the fruits of your labor in the future.

Some business owners may think “my business is different, this won’t work for me” or “my customers are different.” Guess what? Having a basic marketing strategy will work for you. In fact, marketing strategy has worked in almost every category and type of business you could care to imagine. People behave in a remarkably predictable manner, which is why we know these marketing principles will work for you.

If you’re serious about business success, then now is the time to take decisive action. It’s time to decide to become a great marketer and transform yourself from a business owner to a marketer who owns a business. Once you make that transformation, you and your business will never be the same again.

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