You need to shape your messaging strategy so that it fits your acquisition funnel. This is why developing your messaging comes after having worked out your channel allocation.                                            

Your messaging strategy has four pillars:

  1. Unique selling points. What sets your product, service and business as a whole apart from the alternatives in the market?
  2. Core value. What is the essence of the value we are providing?
  3. Identification. How can we sculpt a message to that the viewer identifies with it?
  4. Funnelling & Call-to-Action. What do we want users to do at each stage of the funnel?

Articulating the Essence of Your Business

A useful exercise is to articulate an underlying need/problem from the users’ perspective.

You also want to make sure you outline the promise.

What is the essence of your offering?

Image & Tone

In a successful strategy, nothing is random with regards to the attributes of your business. Looking at the the core needs/problems of the target audience — what are the relevant attributes that describe your brand?

You need to come up with values, attributes, aspects and styling that matches the two.