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Japan's Emperor Akihito and the future of Facebook: 5 things you need to know Tuesday

Japan's Emperor Akihito and the future of Facebook: 5 things you need to know Tuesday

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On Tuesday April 30, 2019, Usatoday at USA TODAY wrote:
Japan's Emperor Akihito abdicates, Mark Zuckerberg addresses Facebook's future and more of Tuesday's news to know.

With no legal framework to permit a reigning emperor to abdicate, the Japanese government had to pass a one-time law permiting it. The annual ceremony marked the 73rd anniversary of the end of World War II, held in remembrance of the Japanese soldiers and civilians who lost their lives during the conflict.

USA TODAY also reported on complaints from the black community that Facebookusers' posts have been censored and accounts banned for speaking out about racism.

The ostensible purpose is infrastructure, but they'll first have to swerve around an all-out war underway about testimony and subpoenas stemming from Robert Muellers report.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchinand Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer traveledto Beijing to resume talks Tuesday to try to end a yearlong trade war between the U.McDonald's will slim down its late night offerings in an attempt to streamline service for customers in the wee hours starting Tuesday.

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